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ACTEON strives to manufacture medical devices that enable dentists to implement minimally invasive operating protocols that are less traumatic to patients.

ACTEON X-Mind prime

The latest addition to ACTEON’s 2D and 3D CBCT panoramic product line, XMind prime blends cutting-edge technology with enhanced simplicity! This unit demonstrates its remarkable ingenuity by remaining compact and easy to use while combining 2D and 3D technologies. With X-Mind prime, high tech is at your fingertips with tools for accurate diagnosis and complete treatment planning.

ACTEON X-Mind trium true low dose

TRUE LOW DOSE is the latest X-Mind trium CBCT innovation from ACTEON, with up to 50% less radiation exposure* and no loss of image quality and accuracy. This is possible thanks to the new algorithm which allows image acquisition with significantly reduced exposure time. The algorithm applied to these lower-dose projections improves contrast and decreases noise, thus accurately revealing the anatomical structures. This unprecedented patient protection is achieved without compromising image quality.

ACTEON Piezotome Cube

Over 40 years of expertise in development and manufacturing ultrasonic devices for dental purposes enabled ACTEON to meet the challenge to develop world class-leading ultrasonic surgical devices and tools for minimal invasive dental surgery, featuring fastest cutting-performance and lower heat-generating surgical tips. With the Piezotome-series -for more than 10 years -ACTEON provides ultrasonic surgical tools of high standards.


Visual examination is the first stage in diagnosis. So mirrors quickly became essential in dentistry as the practitioner's third eye. Knowing that in the oral cavity, dentists work with indirect vision, the compensation of a perfect image via these mirrors is essential in making a reliable diagnosis and performant treatment. To meet modern dentistry standards, the exacting nature of the ACTEON PURE REFLECT mirrors offers true clarity with a reflection rate close to 100%, providing a precise image of colors and dental structures without distortion.


Intra-oral dental radiography is an everyday procedure in a dental practice. The emergence of minimally invasive dentistry and the increasing demands of patients related to the boom in new technologies implies that the practitioner must make a choice between several systems. With its compactness and speed, the PSPIX2 device will find a prominent place in the dental surgery.

ACTEON PRODONT (Manual Instrumentation)

Hand instruments support dentists in their daily practice. ACTEON designed and manufacture hand instruments to be the extension of the practitioner's hand and provide the best tactile feedback. They have ergonomics, accuracy and durability due to the quality of the metals used. It is in a region at the centre of a cutlery region, where steel processing is a question of expertise, that these instruments are designed to meet the requirements of practitioner.


1972, ACTEON patents the use of piezoelectricity in dentistry for the first time. As its expertise in ultrasonic grew through a wide range of ultrasonics generators, ACTEON went from pioneer to leader of the technology. The mastering of this technology allows ACTEON to develop unmatched tips, which, added to the patented Newtron technology, work at their best performances at any time.

ACTEON Expasyl

Effective and atraumatic sulcular opening for a natural and aesthetic prosthesis

ACTEON Riskontrol

Outstanding hygiene

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