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Amann Girrbach – Ceramill Matik Full Service Unit

Ceramill Matik frees up 40% more time for value creation

Amann Girrbach has revolutionised the digital laboratory routine with its new Ceramill Matik processing unit. The innovative full-service unit combines a processing station with a fully automatic stock management system, boasting intelligent tool management, and an integrated cleaning unit, which enables an automatic change between wet and dry mode.

With these capabilities, Ceramill Matik is fully autonomous and can work unsupervised during the night or at weekends. The dental technician is thus freed from unproductive secondary activities, which previously occupied up to 40% of his or her working time.

The core of the new all-round carefree solution is the redesigned ten-axis control unit. It allows maximum indication and material diversity and supplies itself with blanks and tools. A radio-frequency identification chip is already integrated into the packaging of Amann Girrbach tools. Ceramill Matik therefore always selects the right tools and documents their running time. This way their service life can be optimally utilised.

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