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Amann Girrbach – Ceramill Matik

40% more time with full-service unit Ceramill Matik

Ceramill Matik revolutionises everyday laboratory routines and makes dental work less complicated. This is because the innovative full-service unit combines the actual processing station with a fully automatic stock management system, with intelligent tool management and an integrated cleaning unit, which enables an automatic change between wet and dry mode. This means that the Ceramill Matik works fully autonomously and can also manufacture unsupervised during the night or on weekends. The dental technician is thus freed from unproductive secondary activities, which previously occupied up to 40% of his/her working time. This now allows the dental technician to concentrate 100% on the essentials: dental technology per se and the creation of value in the laboratory. How exactly this can be achieved in everyday routines is demonstrated in this presentation by Hansgeorg Kaul and the late Thomas Gienger in a highly application-oriented manner. Interested parties can directly follow how easy CAD/CAM production is and how time and thus valuable dental technician hours can be regained with the first full-service unit.

The full presentation is available free of charge after registration in various languages.


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