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Book is dedicated to the removable prosthesis that’s ‘Made in Italy’

“Techno-clinical aspects of fixed removable prosthesis” is dedicated to combined restorations and removable prostheses. The book helps illustrate how the combined prosthesis now offers the edentulous or partially edentulous patient comfort that was unthinkable a few years ago. The combined prosthesis is a valuable solution but only if done by experts in the field of clinical dentistry working with dental technicians with in-depth knowledge of clinical anatomy, occlusion, gnathology and dental materials.

The idea for the book came from a desire to provide guidelines to all those who want to learn this branch of dentistry and who want to deepen their knowledge of techniques and protocols. To create the book, a team of dentists and dental technicians skilled in multiple solutions and techniques were invited to contribute. The result is a resource previously unavailable in a single text.

The book involved 27 authors and 23 cases. The introduction was written by three professors from three Italian universities: Siena, Milan and Turin. The book is intended to be read by an international audience; it has been written in Italian, English and Spanish.

The authors are Prof. Andrea Borracchini, University of Siena; Dr. Alessio Casucci and Prof. Gianfranco Gassino, University of Turin; Dr. Massimo Pasi, University of Milan; Dr. Luca Ortensi, Dr. Caterina Perra, Dr. Ugo Torquati Gritti, Dr. Daniele Vrespa, Dr. Gabriele Rosano, Dr. Riccardo Stefani, Dr. Gerardo Schiatti, Dr. Mauro Colombo, Dr. Umberto Ferrone, Dr. Eugenio Guidetti, Dr. Marco Montanari, Dr. Massimo Pedrinazzi, Dr. Alessandro Iorio Siciliano; D.T. Luca Ruggiero, D.T. Giuliano Bonato, D.T. Armando Buongiovanni, D.T. Carlo Borromeo, D.T. Vittorio Capezzuto, D.T. Salvatore Chimenz, D.T. Rodolfo Colognesi, D.T. Davide Nadalini, D.T. Marco Ortensi and D.T. Giancarlo Riva.

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