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Pivot Block line

Rhein'83 is pleased to introduce the new titanium Pivot Block line. In order to assure a better identification of the pivots a specific color corresponds to a determinate length. Available in 2.5 mm and 1.6 mm diameters. Each line is also divided into the different length: 7, 9, and10 mm. The innovative design of the Pivot Block line offers the perfect solution for a temporary attachment. In order to use the Pivots as a permanent solution a special bur will be required to create the proper radicular channel. Also available as titanium Pivot line, the innovative flexible head connection. Thanks to a rotating head, the Pivot Flex line allows fir a safe and trauma-free insertion of the prosthesis. Each Pivot Flex has a 7.5 degrees rotation faculty in every direction in order to solve divergence issues. Pivots are the perfect solution as a pre-implant therapy allowing to conserve the stability and functionality of the root. When clinical cases are compromised and require a "first aid" application, Pivots are the perfect application offering a functional and quality solution with reduced costs and working times.
Pivots are the perfect solution in different clinical cases. They can be used as an alternative to an implant treatment when the patient prefers to contain the costs and at the same time Pivots can be the perfect solution for pre-implant treatment allowing to save and conserve the root functionality which will receive the implant.


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