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In a recent move to secure a greater share in the low-cost dental implant market, Straumann recently signed an agreement to buy further shares in Taiwanese dental implant manufacturer T-Plus. (Photograph: StudioLaMagica/Shutterstock)

Straumann strengthens position in low-cost implant market

By Dental Tribune International
October 04, 2018

BASEL, Switzerland: With implant dentistry continually developing and evolving, so too are some of the low-cost options. In a recent move to secure a larger stake in that market, Straumann recently signed agreements to buy further shares in T-Plus, a Taiwanese dental implant manufacturer. Once the Taiwanese Investment Commission has approved the purchase, Straumann will gain a 60 per cent share in the company.

T-Plus develops and manufactures attractively priced dental implant systems, which are sold exclusively through distributors in Taiwan and China. Its portfolio includes three tapered implant designs and covers a broad range of indications and customer preferences. The concepts, features and quality are similar to those of popular implant brands, something that Straumann believes makes T-Plus an attractive, inexpensive option for dentists using systems like Osstem and Astra.

Straumann first entered the non-premium market two years ago with a 30 per cents take in the France-based dental implant systems manufacturer Anthogyr. They have now reported that in Asia more than six million non-premium implants are sold annually, of which more than a third are low-cost.

“T-Plus provides us with the additional product ranges, registrations and brand to penetrate the entire non-premium segment in Taiwan and mainland China. In addition, it provides us with a modern, certified manufacturing facility in Asia. The company has a good track record and is well positioned for international growth, supported by the Straumann Group’s global presence, network and expertise,” said Patrick Loh, Head of Sales in Asia Pacific.

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