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Integrating Guided Surgery Concept in Clinical Practice

Ricardo Mitrani DDS

Integrating Guided Surgery Concept in Clinical Practice

Team Communication, treatment planning and execution represent the 3 pillars of interdisciplinary Implant therapy.

Conversely all 3 demand to be carried out impeccably in order to ensure success. This presentation will review a dynamic linear process that articulates these 3 pillars so that the vision and expectations of all parties involved (patient, restorative dentist, surgeon and technician) are aligned during the treatment of patients with a Terminal Dentition. The presentation will describe how utilizing digital technology enhances the overall experience, facilitates communication and allows the team to deliver results with a higher level of precision when compared to conventional methods, non the less it is important for the treating team to have a broad understanding of all clinical steps involved, so they can be carried out in an analog fashion, should any unexpected situation arise during therapy which may call for a contingency plan. Learning objectives:
  • Review a treatment planning algorithm that helps identify the patient´s condition precisely, which facilitates the treatment’s decision process and the ideal treatment design for each given patient.
  • Improve communication amongst the treating team.
  • Review the “Smile in a Box” treatment concept for patients requiring full arch implant supported solutions as a viable alternative for practice’s growth.

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