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Improve your therapy concepts with Erbium lasers: changing and improving your concepts successfully with Erbium lasers

This Webinar will show that Erbium lasers are the most innovative tools to improve your minimal invasive dental therapy as well in hard as in soft tissue management.

This webinar shows the Gutknecht Erbium laser concepts in several disciplines of dentistry. Lasers have been shown in all fields of dentistry to have profound positive benefits for patients and clinicians alike. Erbium laser technology is designed expressly for dental applications, such as cavity preparations, soft tissue surgeries, and much more. Laser therapy has many benefits like no or less pain or discomfort, almost loudness, little or no anesthesia, better healing, precise minimal invasive ablations, fewer post-operative complications, etc. Gutknecht will show his evidence based treatment solutions in restorative dentistry, periodontology, endodontics, smile design, implantitis therapy, oral surgery, tooth whitening, etc. In this webinar you will learn why Erbium laser therapy is the best solution for your practice.

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