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Predictable Grafting for Any Experience Level & Any Patient Budget Following Atraumatic Extraction

A review of the most clinically effective, atraumatic and easy-to-use extraction systems followed by a discussion on socket grafting techniques, from simple to more advanced in preparation for surgical placement of dental implants.

Grafting at the time of extraction minimizes bone loss, supports the soft tissue structures, prevents periodontal pathology, and provides adequate sites for implants in a relatively short time.  This dental webinar starts with a review of the most clinically effective, sensible and easy-to-use extraction systems. Simple and cost-effective socket grafting to more advanced clinical concepts in bone regeneration will be discussed in detail in preparation for surgical placement of dental implants.


  • Learn predictable atraumatic extraction techniques that preserve the bone and soft tissue in preparation for dental implants
  • Review of socket preservation techniques- a simple but essential tool for the GP
  • Obtain easy to understand, step-by-step instruction on how to immediately implement bone grafting into your practice
  • Surgical placement of implants after site preparation to maximize prosthetic function and aesthetics

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