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Bioceramic sealer One-Fil by MEDICLUS tested in study

July 07, 2021

CHEONGJU, South Korea: This year, MEDICLUS is aiming at leading from the front in endodontic solutions in the dental industry. Recently, the company released a high viscosity bioceramic sealer called One-Fil PT for orifice recapping, block-out perforation or for emergency case solution. One-Fil was tested and compared with competitors’ products in a current study.

One of the purposes of the re­search was the evaluation of cyto­compatibility by comparing epoxy resin-­based and bioceramic root ca­nal sealers. The results have shown that bioceramic root canal sealers are the safest and the most conven­ient material to use in order to avoid the following two problems: com­promised canal wall perforation and excessive sealer leakage beyond the apical foramen.

In testing the four bioceramic sealers, the researchers compared flowability, radiopacity, dimensional stability and cell viability. All the bio­ceramic sealers researched showed desirable properties for root canal sealing. One of these, One­-Fil by MEDICLUS, featured excellent cell viability as well as adequate flowa­bility for sealing even accessory canals.

The popularity of the single-­cone technique using bioceramic sealers in root canal therapy is becoming more and more prevalent in endo­dontic studies and many endodon­tists are gradually going with the flow. For this reason, many clinicians in the field may benefit from the use of One-­Fil by MEDICLUS.

The study, titled “Physicochemi­cal properties and cytocompatibility of newly developed calcium silicate­ based sealers”, was published online on 24 April 2021 in the Australian Endodontic Journal, ahead of inclu­sion in an issue.

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