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DDS.WORLD digital dental marketplace goes live

By Dental Tribune International
September 23, 2019

LEIPZIG, Germany: Running a dental practice and ordering dental supplies just got a lot simpler. The global digital dental marketplace DDS.WORLD is now open for business and provides a comprehensive full-service offering for all participants in the dental industry. The marketplace offers detailed product listings, news and e-learning opportunities, as well as free cloud-based practice management software that will streamline day-to-day business for the entire practice team.

The dental publisher Dental Tribune International has expanded into the dental marketplace with its new online sales platform, DDS.WORLD. Officially launched this month at the recent FDI World Dental Congress in San Francisco in the U.S., DDS.WORLD has been designed to meet the needs of the entire dental team. As such, it offers much more than quick and easy access to the products, equipment and supplies that keep dental practices running.

The right practice management software

PracticeDent is at the core of the comprehensive functionality of DDS.WORLD. This free cloud-based practice management software provides a full range of capabilities for the management of patient medical records, laboratory communication, administrative functions and direct purchasing from suppliers.

Based on easy-to-use modules, the software creates a centralised control room for orchestrating patient scheduling and administration. The modules that make up the software include an intuitive calendar for scheduling appointment and sending SMS notifications; a treatment planner for recording and scheduling procedures and managing treatment plans; and a practice finances tracker to manage expenses, track payments and oversee staff remuneration, and many more.

Additional modules such as health insurance integration for compliance with country-specific health insurance requirements and an electronic health record for patients decrease the time spent on administrative work so that the treatment team can focus on providing care to patients. The e-shop module, meanwhile, makes it easy to maintain and manage stocks of supplies and equipment.

Additional free DDS.WORLD software applications include ProductDent, a comprehensive dental inventory system, and ImplantStock, a dental implant management software package. These software applications require no additional hardware and can be accessed from computers and mobile devices in the practice but also remotely. Unlike other software packages, they work across all operating systems: users simply require an up-to-date web browser and PracticeDent, ProductDent and ImplantStock will do the rest.

Scan the marketplace

DDS.WORLD also gives manufacturers and dealers the opportunity to list their products and communicate discounts and promotions to dental professionals. By listing products and services on DDS.WORLD, sellers can communicate directly with prospective clients at the very moment they need to make a purchase decision. As such, it is a highly targeted environment that provides maximum exposure and relevance and will translate into more leads and increased sales for manufacturers and dealers.

With the latest news in dentistry, e-learning opportunities and relevant event listing, DDS.WORLD takes a comprehensive approach that caters to today’s multidisciplinary and mobile healthcare environment. According to its developers, DDS.WORLD has the potential to change the business and “become the most important platform in dentistry”.

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