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Interview: ‘I do not think we should panic’

June 23, 2009

HONG KONG/LEIPZIG, Germany: The World Health Organisation has recently classified the outbreak of Swine Flu A virus as a global pandemic. Dental Tribune Online spoke with Prof. Lakshman P. Samaranayake, Chair Professor of Oral Microbiology at the University of Hong Kong, and researcher on infectious diseases about the consequences of this decision for dentists and other medical personal.

Fair commits to cooperation in dental education

June 21, 2009

Malaysia’s Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk S.K. Devamany has addressed the need for further cooperation in the field of higher education between his country and the Republic of India. Speaking at this year’s India Education Fair in Kuala Lumpur in June, he invited Indian colleges from different fields including dentistry to set up branch campuses in Malaysia.

Standardised guidelines essential for ASEAN agreement, PDA president says

June 8, 2009

HONG KONG/LEIPZIG, Germany: The president of the Philippine Dental Association, Dr Leo Gerald R. de Castro, has called for standardised guideline procedures on the delivery of health services following a recent agreement of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to allow dentists from the Philippines to work in other member states. De Castro said that currently not all countries in the ASEAN region have established standard guidelines on the matter of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and these circumstances could lower the chances of employment for Filipino professionals in these countries.

Agreement opens borders for Filipino dentists

May 19, 2009

HONG KONG/LEIPZIG, Germany: Doctors and dentists from the Philippines will soon be able to practise in all member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), according to a new agreement signed by ASEAN education ministers in Phuket in Thailand. The agreement will make way for free movement of professional medical and dental labour from the Philippines to countries like Singapore, Indonesia or Vietnam. Currently, 8,500 dentists are working in the Philippines.

Interview: ‘The medical tourism market is growing by 20 to 30 per cent’

May 19, 2009

Vivek Shukla is a health care marketing professional from New Delhi in India. With a Master of Business Administration from the Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management in New Delhi, he joined the health care business in 1998 and has since helped more than 20 hospitals around India in terms of management and business development. Dental Tribune Group Editor Daniel Zimmermann spoke with him about the growing health care market in India and the effect of medical tourism on its future.

Interview: ‘Twenty per cent of dentists worldwide have Indian origins”

May 18, 2009

Prof. Raman Bedi is one of many dentists of Indian origin that live and work in the UK. As Chief Dental Officer (CDO), he helped shape British dentistry between 2002 and 2005. We spoke to him about his latest project Dentalghar and dentists of Indian origin working in other parts of the world.

BIOMET 3i establishes direct operations in Japan and Korea

May 12, 2009 | Business

NEW YORK, NY, USA: BIOMET 3i, a manufacturer of dental implants, abutments and related products, recently announced that it has established direct operations to serve the Japanese and Korean markets. According to company principals, the growing importance of these markets in the global dental implant market, together with Biomet 3i’s desire to focus more on the Asian market in general, led to the decision to establish direct operations in these two regions.

Aussie university receives budget for new Oral Health Centre

May 12, 2009

LEIPZIG, Germany/BRISBANE, Australia: The Australian government has provided for a new US$79.2 million Oral Health Centre at the University of Queensland in Brisbane in Australia. It will bring together the University’s School of Dentistry and sections of Queensland Health’s Oral Health Services for treating about 17,000 dental and cancer patients each year and thereby meeting the national dentist shortage, University officials said. The Centre is scheduled for completion in 2012.

Colgate unveils new hypersensitivity technology in Hong Kong

May 11, 2009 | Business

LEIPZIG, Germany/Hong Kong: Colgate–Palmolive introduced its Pro-Argin technology for instant pain relief for dentine hypersensitivity at the APDC in Hong Kong last week. According to the company, the new technology uses a combination of the amino acid arginine and an insoluble calcium compound to seal open dentine tubules and help block the transmission of heat, cold, air and pressure stimuli to pain receptors within teeth. Pro-Argin will be available in Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, an in-office desensitising paste, which can be used before or after dental procedures.

HK company stocks up on face masks to fight swine flu pandemic

May 8, 2009

LEIPZIG, Germany: The Hong Kong-based biotech company Filligent announced the mobilisation of its anti-infective BioMask stocks to help combat the global spread of the H1N1 virus, also called swine flu. The mask, which was introduced to the public at the Asia Pacific Congress of Medical Virology in February 2009, is said to be the first medical face mask to kill viruses within seconds after contact, while retaining the breathability required by medical workers.

Chief executive opens APDC with calls for change

May 7, 2009

HONG KONG/LEIPZIG, Germany: The Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Donald Tsang, has called for structural changes in Hong Kong’s national health care system. Tsang, who was speaking at the opening ceremony of this year’s Asia Pacific Dental Congress in May, said that the key direction of it’s legislation is to strengthen primary healthcare and to make medical and dental services more affordable. He admitted that like other countries, HK’s healthcare system faces a number of challenges, such as an ageing population and escalating medical costs.

Improved dental implant surface shown in corporate session at APDC

May 5, 2009 | Business

LEIPZIG, Germany/Hong Kong: New research has confirmed that Straumann’s SLActive increases the predictability of dental implants. According to the Swiss manufacturer, extensive preclinical testing with the company’s improved dental implant surface has demonstrated faster osseointegration in the early healing stages. Increased bone apposition, for example, was shown in a preclinical study in minipigs, where the bone-to-implant contact was 60 per cent greater around SLActive implants than SLA implants after two weeks. SLActive, which was launched in 2005, is based on the topography of the extensively documented Straumann SLA surface yet features an advanced active and hydrophilic surface chemistry.

Mectron expands in India

May 3, 2009 | Business

LEIPZIG, Germany/BANGALORE, India: The Italian manufacturer Mectron has opened a new production and administration facility in Bangalore in India. Inaugurated with a big opening night back in May, the facility will be under the direction of M. Radhakrishnan, a co-founder of Mectron’s India branch. The company, which revolutionised dental surgery with their development of piezoelectric bone surgery, currently distributes a number of well-known dental brands from Germany and Italy, such as Cavex, Euronda, Heraeus Kulzer, KaVo, K-Driller, Schulz and Villa.

Enrolment quotas missed in Japan

April 27, 2009

According to a survey by the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, more than half of private dental colleges and schools across Japan fell short of enrolment quotas for the academic year. Three schools even saw enrolment fall by 40 per cent, which numbers between 35 and 43 students. The number of people who took entrance examinations for private dental colleges or schools this year was 4,973, a sharp fall from over 10,000 in previous years.

Interview with Frank Hemm, Senior Vice-President of Straumann Asia Pacific

April 27, 2009 | Business

Frank Hemm worked as a management consultant for several years in the health-care industry before he became involved with Straumann, a worldwide leading company in implant dentistry. One of the things that attracted him to the company was its drive for purposeful innovation and the improvement of the quality of patient care, he says. Dental Tribune Group Editor Daniel Zimmermann spoke with him about Straumann’s move to Singapore and recent developments and trends in the dental implant markets in Asia.

Asia Pacific Dental Federation invites to 31st Asia Pacific Dental Congress

April 27, 2009

LEIPZIG, Germany/Hong Kong: After a successful congress in 2004, the APDC is returning to Hong Kong this year. The Congress will be held under the motto Emerging Trends and Practices of Dentistry - Managing the Next Wave and offer the latest products and developments that the international dental community has to offer. The organiser expects a high number of dental professionals from all over Southeast Asia to attend the Congress. Last year, the annual event was held in Bangkok in Thailand.

Martial arts film star to promote global health

April 8, 2009

GENEVA, Switzerland/BEIJING, China/LEIPZIG, Germany: World Health Organization Director-General Dr Margaret Chan has appointed internationally acclaimed film star Jet Li as Goodwill Ambassador. Beijing-born Li, who began studying Chinese martial arts at the age of eight and won his first Chinese national championship for the Beijing Wushu Team three years later, has starred in many movies in the Chinese Film Industry and Hollywood. As Goodwill Ambassador, the film star is expected to use his worldwide celebrity status to promote key health issues, including public health responses to emergencies and mental health.

Planmeca sends dental equipment to hospitals in HK and the US

April 3, 2009 | Business

HELSINKI, Finland: The Finnish dental equipment manufacturer Planmeca OY has signed another delivery agreement with the Prince Philip Dental Hospital (PPDH) in Hong Kong. The new dental units included in the delivery will replace the current dental equipment at the hospital’s paediatric department, the company said. The PPDH is a publicly funded teaching hospital that provides clinical teaching facilities for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Hong Kong.

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