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Singaporeans need more dental check-ups

By Daniel Zimmermann, DTI
April 13, 2008

LEIPZIG, Germany/SINGAPORE: People in Singapore need to be more aware of oral health benefits, a dental screening at IDEM 2008 has revealed. The screenings which were supported by the Singapore Dental Health Association and the company Johnson & Johnson took place at the Suntec shopping mall in early April and provided an overall of six hundred checks during the three day event.

The fact that dentists in Singapore see patients only when there is a problem, is underlined by a survey conducted by the Singapore Health Promotion Board which was published in the Singapore Dental Journal in December 2006. Out of the total 6,560 respondents, one in four either infrequently or never visited the dentist. The most common reasons being “no need for dental treatment” (29.5 per cent), “expensive” (16.7 per cent) and “no time” (10.9 per cent).

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