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The right software to meet dental practice management needs

By Dental Tribune International
April 05, 2016

SINGAPORE: PracticeDent is a free cloud-based practice management service created to offer dental professionals and their teams an optimal mix of functionality and flexibility. The main goal of the system is to provide a full range of capabilities for all the roles within the practice, while departing from the stale, cluttered and user-unfriendly interface that has been so typical of practice management solutions in the recent past.

Owing to cloud computing, PracticeDent allows for accessibility anywhere and anytime, similar to many other well-known and respected platforms, which have been accepted as worldwide standards in communication and information management. Thus, the service is easily accessed via any Internet-enabled device (computer, tablet or smartphone), while data safety is ensured with state-of-the-art storage facilities (Amazon Web Services).

As opposed to other practice management platforms, PracticeDent does not require any hardware or software installation and maintenance, nor does it depend on the computer’s operating system. All the dentist needs is a Web-enabled device with a browser. The interface is intuitive, easy to use and requires only a few hours of instruction.

The service is updated on a continual basis, receiving feature upgrades and more language options, and offers multiple possibilities for customer feedback and support.

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Free, cloud-based, readily available: PracticeDent Lite
PracticeDent Lite—the core version of PracticeDent—is free, giving the dental team access to the fundamental features needed for any dental practice. If extended functionalities are necessary, customers can easily purchase and activate various advanced modules as add-ons, depending on the specific requirements. While older software would require additional installations, with PracticeDent, a simple checkbox activates, for example, advanced financial reports and graphs or extended patient profiles and health records. One click and the upgrade is done.

A professional dental ecosystem
PracticeDent is the first in a complete line-up of interconnected services aimed at the dental sphere. The ecosystem, called MediCloud, consists of several integrated applications that work with and alongside PracticeDent. These include:

  1. ProductDent, a distributor hub created to facilitate online commerce, allowing dental depots to offer products directly to dentists through a dedicated e-shop integrated with PracticeDent
  2. PatientDent, a patient engagement tool that enables two-way communication between practices and their patients and allows patients to keep track of their dental treatment
  3. AnalyticsDent, a set of business intelligence tools and dashboards specifically designed for very large chains of dental clinics, aggregating data from all nodes and generating a comprehensive overview
  4. LabsDent, a management service for dental technicians and laboratories that provides full control over laboratory orders, the work schedule, client care and communication.

MediCloud, the developer of the software, is an innovative start-up based in Bulgaria. The company has striven to create the best medical management solution on the market. PracticeDent is officially supported by Curaden, one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of oral care products. It has partnered with Dental Tribune International, the leading dental publisher, to ensure the availability of the MediCloud ecosystem to the international dental community.

The new PracticeDent Lite platform will be demonstrated live on Friday (8 April) and Saturday (9 April) at 5 p.m. and on Sunday (10 April) at 2 p.m. at IDEM Singapore (Level 6, Booth 6N-17). Trade show visitors are invited to view the video and pose any questions to the PracticeDent team.

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