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Virtual live conference of solidarity—Osstem Meeting Online drives digital transition

By Osstem Implant
April 29, 2020

SEOUL, South Korea: On 21 April, Osstem Implant held the first session of its virtual conference, the Osstem Meeting Online, which achieved over 95,000 total live cumulative views from more than 60 countries within 2.5 hours. This series of live-streamed symposia, which create a virtual conference experience for dental professionals around the globe, will culminate in a session on 27 June that will feature a socially sustainable fundraising campaign.

The world is holding its breath in the times of the coronavirus. The COVID-19 crisis is having a profound impact on social life and poses acute economic challenges for many industries, and the dental industry is no exception. Many events, including conferences and conventions, in the field are being cancelled or postponed. Osstem Implant too has announced the postponement of its 13th annual global symposium, the 2020 Osstem World Meeting in Istanbul in Turkey, to next year.

Driving a digital transition of dental conferences

At the same time, however, by employing high technology and new technical solutions for digitalisation, Osstem Implant is taking a crucial leap towards the new era of implantology. Since 2018, Osstem Implant has already been providing dental professionals with opportunities to participate in its annual global meeting by offering live-streaming services. Based on its years of experience in digital transformation, Osstem Implant invites dental professionals around the world to an entirely virtual global conference experience this year. The Osstem Meeting Online will run until 27 June 2020, and the entire programme, including nine lectures and five live surgeries, will come alive via its own interactive live-streaming platform.

Hoping that the global situation will get better, we provide the ultimate virtual live conference experience this year, bringing dental professionals of the world closer to innovative ways of living together, Osstem Implant stated.

Knowledge transfer through real-time interaction

Whether they are at entry level and keen to learn or experienced dental professionals seeking a new challenge, attendees will find relevant standard and highly advanced live surgeries and comprehensive seminars by world-renowned speakers. Allowing the maximum knowledge transfer through real-time interaction between speakers and attendees, the first session on 21 April featured two live surgeries. Covering rare cases of implant placement in partially and completely edentulous patients aged over 70, it successfully delivered first-class implant treatment educational content to participants. All attendees had the opportunity to pose real-time questions and engage further with the speakers and other participants after the session.

Towards solidarity in dental implantology

On 27 June, the conference will celebrate its grand finale with a live surgery by Dr Marco Tallarico from Italy, and this will be combined with a socially sustainable fundraising campaign, in which the speaker, Osstem Implant and all attendees will actively participate and engage with one another. The entire amount of the fund collected will be donated to an organisation in Italy for support in overcoming the COVID-19 crisis.

Register now

Next sessions will be held on 12 May and 4, 18 and 27 June. Online registration for the Osstem Meeting Online will remain open until 27 June. More information about the meeting and registration can be found here or via the social media channels of Osstem Implant.



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